Workplace Evolution

8chifley sydneyaustralia 3865

Dramatically different to anything seen before in the Sydney landscape, 8 Chifley is a platform for the long-term success of its tenants.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, together with Lippmann Partnership, have applied new philosophies in housing a large number of staff in a way that provides maximum collaboration and connection.

The result is a truly innovative building defined by its revolutionary office layout concept. Comprising seven unique vertical villages ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,880 square metres, single floors are interspersed between each high-rise village to allow for flexibility and growth.

Villages and single floors can be vertically linked, providing connected workplaces of up to 8,445 square metres in the high-rise and 10,670 square metres in the low-rise.

8 Chifley redefines workplace design while relating to the local Australian context. These dramatic vertical business units, each of up to four floors, will frame the magnificent views over the cityscape. The larger villages create 45 per cent more perimeter space with enhanced natural light, when compared to traditional floor-plates, providing flexibility for either open plan or office centric layouts.

Further enhancing the building’s sense of space, two villages incorporate exclusive roof terraces directly above. Located on the 18th floor within a dramatic three-storey space, and on the upper most level, these external spaces will provide fresh, creative and inspirational working environments.

Mirvac understands that for staff to deliver excellence, they need to be equipped for superior performance. These premium grade offices will assist to attract and retain an engaged workforce whilst providing them with a commercial environment that will deliver success.